Low Carb Recipes

Atkins Bake Mix

Note: With so many Dr Atkins recipe books out we thought we may give you a variation to his bake mix so that if you wish you can use not only our recipes, but other recipes using Dr. Atkins low carb mix as a template and create many of your own low carb recipes for a fraction of the cost.

Our Version of Atkins Bake Mix

1 cup soy flour
2 cups soy protein isolate
2 Tablesp baking soda
1 Teasp salt
2 Tablesps Splenda Sift together then store and use as you would Dr. A's. It's much cheaper and things come out about the same.

**You could try substituting soy powder (milder taste) for the soy flour and substituting egg protein for soy.

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