Low Carb Recipes

Chocolate Coconut Dream

1 oz unsweetened chocolate
2 T butter
2 T heavy cream
1/2 t vanilla
5 pkts Splenda
1/3 cup shredded unsw. Coconut
9 almonds

Heat butter and chocolate until chocolate just melted. Pour in small bowl, mix well. Add in heavy cream, vanilla and Equal; stir until mixture looks creamy and smooth. Add in coconut, mix well. Put spoonful of chocolate mixture on place which has been covered in wax paper. Push almond on top of each piece. Chill until able to pick up with fingers. Store in refrigerator.
Total: 22 carb (12 NET carbs). Makes 9 @ 1.3 NET carbs)
These are not real sweet and you need to like semi-sweet chocolate. I would use more coconut next time.

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